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Welcome to WealthyMatch.info - The most popular Wealthy dating site in the world !

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Flawless2010 and Rod Khleif , Sarasota, United States(Engaged)

I have been dating Rod. I am so grateful to you guys for helping me find this amazing man. We are getting married Sept 8 2012, and I am so excited! Honestly, I wasn't looking for marriage, and still can't believe its happening to me.This site offers all the right tools, and variety to single women like myself. I thank you so much again!! He was on your site for years. We both thought it would be a good idea to let you know how happy we are:))


If you are serious about finding your true companion, and you take this site serious, then you will find it! You cannot use this site for playing around. Don't use anyone, and don't allow anyone to use you, otherwise how will anyone know that you are serious. Be truthful about everything! Including how many kids you have, your height, and your income, bc to a feminine woman its important. Its called security, and being stable.

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